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Public Bus Accident Compensation Claims Guide

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

The majority of the time, public buses are safe. However, public buses can sometimes be engaged in major accidents, resulting in serious personal injury cases.

Public Bus Accident
Public Bus Accident

If the case is too severe, individuals involved may have broken bones or suffer through whiplash and spinal injuries.

This is why it's important to dial 911 as soon as possible. It's now time to contact an attorney and file a personal injury case after receiving proper medical attention.

However, you need to make sure that you do not procrastinate in filing a lawsuit because if you miss the one-year deadline (as given by the Louisiana law), the court will not hear your case.

That being said, let's discuss what you need to do if you get involved in a public bus accident, potential parties that could be at fault, and some common causes of public bus accidents.

What To Do If You Got Involved In A Public Bus Accident?

It's important to call 911 right away and report the accident. In most cases, the bus driver will do it, but it's always a good idea to ask, and if that doesn't happen, you can phone 911 yourself.

However, once you reach a safe spot, potential injuries incurred from the public bus accident are identified; the next thing you need to do is hire an attorney and file the personal injury case.

But, you need to make sure that you file the case as soon as possible. That is because the statute of limitations suggests a one-year deadline to file a personal injury case. To know more about the statute of limitations, you can consider reading Art. 3492. Delictual Actions.

Remember that if you miss the deadline, your case will be dismissed by the court. So, if you want to be compensated for your losses, you must file a personal injury lawsuit within a year.

Parties At-Fault or Liable Parties in A Public Bus Accident

Usually, public bus accidents are not very complicated. This is why it is relatively easy to spot the party at fault in public bus injury cases. In most bus accident cases, the bus driver is at fault due to driving under fatigued conditions or, in a worst-case scenario, driving under influence. However, sometimes the party at fault is not the bus driver, but the fellow drivers may create trouble by engaging in offenses like road rage.

Here are some other parties that could be liable for public bus-related injuries.

  1. The bus manufacturer.

  2. Third-party contractors for providing faulty material.

  3. Other negligent drivers.

Some Common Causes of Public Bus Accidents In Louisiana

Public buses are one of the safest options to consider for traveling. They move at a slow but consistent pace which ensures the safety of both the passengers and the fellow drivers. But, there are some circumstances where it's almost impossible to ensure safety.

For example:

  1. Driving under influence.

  2. Poor bus maintenance (brake failure etc)

  3. Failing to observe traffic signals.

  4. Driver fatigue.

  5. Speeding or reckless driving.

  6. Foggy weather.

These conditions almost make accidents and injuries inevitable. However, a plaintiff must be able to correctly recognize the guilty to file a case against them. And while thinking about filing a case, it is important to take care of the statute of limitations.


Public bus accidents can be potentially dangerous and may also cause fatal injuries.

Now, there are various causes for a public bus accident to happen. The driver may be under the influence, fatigued, or it may be a brake failure, so the person responsible for the maintenance is involved in the list of causes.

It is essential to identify the party at fault when it comes to filing a personal injury lawsuit. Once the liable party is successfully identified, a strong base is laid for the case. Resultantly, the chances of getting compensated for the damages incurred increase.

This is why it is important to hire an experienced and competent attorney. They can not only help you out in identifying the party at fault, but they can also pursue your case effectively with the help of their expertise.

If you are looking for just the right resource for your case, then call Gaynell Williams today!

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