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Expungement Lawyer Louisiana

The state of Louisiana arrests and incarcerates more people per capita than any other place in the world. An arrest creates a criminal record, regardless of whether any criminal charges were filed. These records are publicly available and can be used to deny employment, housing, education and training opportunities. Massive segments of our population face tremendous social and legal barriers to successful re-entry as a result of these policies.

If a charge was dismissed, not prosecuted, or a person was found not guilty at trial they would be expungement eligible (exceptions can be certain sex crimes and violent offenses). If a person plead guilty to a crime under Louisiana Code of Criminal Procedure Art. 893 or Art. 894 (And in some circumstances Art. 881.1) they may be eligible to clear the conviction from their record. Pleading under these articles of the Louisiana Code of Criminal Procedure will allow someone to go to court to file a motion to set aside a conviction. A conviction on a record requires an extra step that will require an additional court hearing.

The court cost of an expungement is generally $550.00, plus the cost of background check fees and a criminal name search (in Jefferson Parish).

  • $250 will go to the Louisiana Bureau of Criminal Identification and Information

  • $200 to the clerk of court

  • $50 will go to the arresting entity

  • $50 will go to the District Attorney where the arrest took place

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