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Federal Crime Defense Lawyer in New Orleans

If you have been accused of a federal crime, you will be facing an uphill battle not only against a serious charge but also against a well-prepared federal government with sizeable resources. Our office has made it its mission to invest its vast experience in an attempt to even the odds. If you are or have a reason to believe that you will be accused of a federal crime, we urge you to seek legal counsel as early in the proceeding as possible. You have the right to request legal assistance even before the conclusion of the investigation. This is the desirable scenario because proactively retaining a competent attorney to represent your interests has numerous benefits, such as the ability to work and communicate with investigators and prosecutors in an effort to reduce charges before they are filed or prepare for a successful defense once the charges have been filed. Having in your corner someone who has been thoroughly familiar with your case from the onset can certainly only help reach the desired outcome.

Likewise, you should retain a highly qualified criminal defense attorney if you have just been arrested by federal law enforcement officers. Even if some attorneys are well versed in all nuances of Louisiana criminal law, the ability to efficiently handle a federal criminal case may be beyond their knowledge or expertise. This is so because the procedural and/or substantive federal criminal law may differ greatly from the state criminal law, and the unawareness of the differences can be disastrous for your case.

Needless to say, having a federal criminal record is far more serious than having a record in a local or state justice system. Even the penalties for a federal crime reflect this seriousness by imposing hefty fines, imprisonment, restitution payments, deportation, or probation. All of this information should act as an incentive for you to hire a professional federal criminal defense attorney who is proficient in federal law and knowledgeable of all specialized rules of the federal court. And our law office has, for years, successfully represented interests of federal criminal defendants at all stages of the federal criminal process who were charged with various federal crimes. We are available 24/7 for you too! Call (504) 302-2462. We can help!

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