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Weapons Crime Defense in New Orleans

Due to the recent mass shootings across the country, the issues behind gun laws have been a point of contention perhaps more than ever before. Like many of its southern sister-states, Louisiana has adopted a lenient stance towards gun laws making it less difficult for a prospective firearm purchaser to own and register a gun. Many would argue that it is exactly the absence of gun laws and regulations that have marked Louisiana as the fourth most dangerous state in the country based on a ratio of population over number of violent crimes. The studies have revealed that, with 1 violent crime per every 17 citizens, Louisiana stands only behind Nevada, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Nonetheless, having loose gun laws does not in any way equate to having no gun laws at all. That is, Louisiana has some complex variations of gun laws that often tend to be overlooked or forgotten, giving rise to many legal troubles. For instance, Louisiana has imposed restrictions on qualifications for a concealed gun permit and areas and locations where carrying a loaded shotgun or a rifle is prohibited. Louisiana has also designed various laws to prevent the sale and transfer of illegal guns, tampering with guns, operating any form of a firearm while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and so on. Additionally, there are federal laws making it illegal to receive or possess a firearm for certain individuals, such as fugitives from justice, drug addicts, illegal aliens, military veterans discharged under dishonorable conditions, etc.

Thus, although Louisiana has opted for a few restrictions on gun ownership and use, those restrictions that are in place are being enforced to the fullest extent possible as a way to remedy the state’s high violent crime statistics. If you are unclear what your rights are in terms of possessing or using a firearm, or you are facing a charge related to your gun ownership or use, call us today to schedule an appointment for a free consultation to discuss your case. Call (504) 302-2462. We can help!

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