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Internet Crimes Defense Lawyer in Louisiana

We rely on computers for a wide range of financial services and communication needs. Computers and computer owners are now monitored for their roles in financial fraud and prohibited communications. State and federal laws strictly regulate Internet transmissions and e-mail correspondence that may be criminal in nature.

List of Internet crimes defended by our lawyers:

  • Intellectual Property Crimes

  • Criminal Use of the Internet

  • Federal Computer Crimes

  • Unauthorized Use of a Wireless Router

  • Computer aided Solicitation of a Juvenile

  • Computer Sex Crimes

  • Computer Tampering

  • Cyber stalking

  • Criminal Offenses Involving Email

  • Computer hacking, spamming, phishing

  • Computer Fraud

  • Criminal Offenses against Computer Users

  • Identity Theft

  • Purchase of Illegal Prescription Drugs via Internet

  • Cyber Bullying

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