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What You Need to Know About Filling an Insurance Claim for Property Damages From Hurricane Ida

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Hurricane Ida was one of the most damaging hurricanes to strike Louisiana and neighboring states. As a result of Hurricane Ida, severe infrastructural damage was caused in the southeast portion of the state, with extremely severe flooding in the northeastern part of the country.

Hurricane Ida Claim
Hurricane Ida Claim

There were also high amounts of plant destruction in the state. Properties of many people were affected badly by the hurricane, including their homes, offices, and vehicles.

During a hurricane and other weather events, people face expensive damage to their property. In such a situation, you are always in need of some financial support from your insurance company. Unfortunately, in some cases, your insurance company may not pay for the costs involved in repairing or recovering your property.

In such cases, you need a Hurricane claim attorney who can fight to safeguard your rights. Mrs. Williams is a hurricane claim lawyer who is always here to protect your rights and assist in getting you just compensation in your legal matters.

Property damages from a hurricane

There are many types and levels of damages that hurricanes cause. The damages caused by Hurricane Ida in Louisiana were hefty. Some kinds of hurricane caused damages are:

  • Damage to the doors, windows, and roofs 

  • Damage to the base of the building 

  • Damage to home interior

  • Damage to garages and pools, and gardens

  • Damage to vehicles

What assistance is provided by the insurance company?

The assistance provided by the insurance company differs in every case depending on the type of insurance policy. Some of the general things covered by the insurance companies are:

  • Expenses associated with the repair of damaged property

  • Expenses related to repairing or replacing damaged items such as furniture and appliances

  • Provision of temporary accommodation

  • Additional living expenses

Purpose of Filing a Claim

It is very troublesome for you to face damage to your property caused by a hurricane such as Hurricane Ida. Moreover, dealing with your insurance company to get paid for your damages makes it even more difficult.

The first and foremost thing you can do for yourself at such a moment is to do a thorough and careful review of your insurance policy. You should also find out if your deductible also covers hurricane damage. In the event of hurricane related damage, as Ida did, some policies may have a higher deductible. Make sure to gather as much information as possible in favor of your claim before meeting with your insurance adjuster.

Despite having all the information and knowing the validation of your claim, unfortunately, it is still not an essay task to file an insurance claim. A hurricane insurance claim is sometimes difficult to file.

Hurricanes destroy thousands of properties, so insurance companies have to handle all those losses. You should be aware that insurance companies may not always have your best interests in mind. Delay tactics and other methods can victimize the policyholders to either reduce their compensation or to deny compensation altogether.

In these moments, you might need an experienced hurricane attorney to file a factual claim and can protect your interests.

Why filing a claim is a good option?

It is a good option to file a claim when you suffer property damage caused by a hurricane such as Ida. Putting in a claim means that you are asking your insurance provider for financial assistance to make up your damage property. If you have comprehensive coverage, your insurer should pay the repair costs after assessing the reported damage.

Excuses Insurers Use to Deny Claims

It is common in the case of hurricanes like Ida that insurance companies will use all the means at their disposal to weaken or deny your claim. The insurance companies know that you and others will be overwhelmed with devastation and may not be able to argue for a larger claim payout.

Therefore, they sometimes will attempt to delay or deny your claim by quoting excuses and reasoning. Some of the excuses given by the insurance companies are:

  • Denying the damages caused by the hurricane

  • Stating that the loss was caused by flood damage, which homeowners' insurance does not cover 

  • Using the exclusion clause

  • Canceling your insurance policy

How can Gaynell Williams help you with your Hurricane Ida insurance claim?

As you know, paying for all the damages you faced through Hurricane Ida may not always be the priority of your insurance company. The insurance company may try to manipulate the payout amount or even fully deny your claim.

If your property has been destroyed, and you are dealing with rigid behavior from your insurance company, you need to get professional legal assistance. An insurance claim attorney who specializes in handling hurricane property damage can make all the difference in making sure you receive the amount of compensation you are entitled to.

Mrs. Williams is an experienced and competitive insurance claim attorney. In the wake of a hurricane, getting paid by your insurance company can be a hassle.

However, Mrs. Williams can offer competent legal assistance with your Hurricane Ida claim and ensure that you receive the appropriate compensation that you deserve. She will guide you through the entire legal procedure of filing a hurricane insurance claim and hold your insurance company accountable for any policy irregularities.

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