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How To Find The Best Dog Bite Lawyer in Louisiana?

Dog bites and attacks can be fatal, which is why dog bite treatment is so expensive. However, under Louisiana law, the harmed party can seek legal assistance and be paid for their losses.

Dog Bite Lawyer
Dog Bite Lawyer

If a dog has attacked you, hire an attorney and pursue compensations against the damages and injuries.

Once the plaintiff can prove that the liable party was in charge of taking care of the dog and failed to perform their duty of care, lastly, the foreseeability of such negligence was reasonable by all means.

In this regard, Louisiana's law is unlike any other state. That's because dog bite cases are counted in the negligence category. So to get compensated, the plaintiff should be able to demonstrate the negligence of the owner.

Considering all the technicalities involved, it is best to hire the best dog lawyer so you can get compensated for the injuries incurred.

But, how to find the best dog bite lawyer in Louisiana? Let's take a look at the Step-by-Step process and find out.

Finding The Best Dog Bite Lawyer In Louisiana? The Step-By-Step Process

Step#1: See If They Understand The Laws Of The State

A dog bite lawyer must be familiar with the legislation of the relevant state, in this case, Louisiana. To be more specific, you should seek a lawyer who has passed the state's bar test. States do, on occasion, offer reciprocity. This essentially indicates that a lawyer's license to operate in the nearby state is immediately extended.

Step#2: Prefer An Experienced Dog Bite Lawyer

You should look at their experience as well as their authority to practice in your state. Lawyers with expertise know how to deal with the common defenses that are used in such cases. Furthermore, an experienced lawyer will be able to better present the case, bargain effectively, and press your claims, all of which will be supported by reasonable and sufficient proof.

Moreover, an experienced lawyer will help you evaluate your losses or injuries in a manner that will help you get compensated for your damages as much as possible.

Step#3: Trusted By Organizations

If you need an attorney for a dog bite lawsuit, make sure you pick someone who has been recommended by professional organizations. You will lessen the danger and ensure that your case is handled professionally if you hire a reputable lawyer. This is why you should look for lawyers who are members of professional organizations and have excellent ratings on their profiles. Now, they may demand a higher fee, but it will be well worth it when your case is handled correctly.

Step#4: Contingency Model

You've narrowed down your options by looking at the list of lawyers. Those who are well regarded and have impressive track records in terms of accomplishments and the number of satisfied clients. Now you must reduce your search even further in order to find a lawyer you can afford. For the most part, the contingency model is the best option.

The good news is that the majority of dog bite lawyers work on a contingency basis, which means that the initial consultation is free. So far, you've made a good start. The lawyer then gives you a brief overview of how he expects your case to go during the meeting. The lawyer agrees to work on a contingency basis if your case is solid. This means that you will be charged once you are compensated.

When To File A Dog Bite Case In Louisiana?

Dog bite cases are subject to the Statute Of Limitations, which we have also covered in 18-wheeler injury cases as well. The statute of limitations lays out the deadline for filing personal injury cases in Louisiana, which is one year from the date of the injury. If the case is not filed within one year of the incident, the court will almost dismiss the case.

"Delictual actions are subject to a liberative prescription of one year..." Art. 3492. Delictual Actions

Louisiana Dog Bite Law and Negligence

When it comes to dog bite laws, Louisiana is unlike any other state in the country. This is because the Dog Bite Law in Louisiana is governed by tort law. To win damages, a plaintiff must show that the dog owner was negligent.

At this point, we will refer back to the concept of determining the actual cause. Suppose the plaintiff wants their damages to be compensated. In that case, they must be able to prove that the owner failed to take reasonable care of the dog and the foreseeability that the negligent behavior will lead to such damages was by all means reasonable. If that is proven, then the likelihood of getting compensated will increase.

The owner of an animal is answerable for the damage caused by the animal. However, he is answerable for the damage only upon a showing that he knew or, in the exercise of reasonable care, should have known that his animal's behavior would cause damage, that the damage could have been prevented by the exercise of reasonable care, and that he failed to exercise such reasonable care. Nonetheless, the owner of a dog is strictly liable for damages for injuries to persons or property caused by the dog which the owner could have prevented and which did not result from the injured person's provocation of the dog. Nothing in this Article shall preclude the court from the application of the doctrine of res ipsa loquitur in an appropriate case.


Hiring a lawyer is always the best option, whether it's a dog bite case or any other personal injury case. That is because they have the right expertise to fight back legally.

An experienced attorney is more likely to satisfy their client and help them get compensated against damages and injuries.

Other than experience, it would be best if you also considered that the dog bite lawyer is trusted by a professional organization(s), understands the state's laws, and works on a contingency basis so it is easy for you to pay them back.

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