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Public Intoxication and Disturbing the Peace Defense

Public Intoxication and Disturbing the Peace Defense Lawyer

An individual who is arrested for public intoxication is often charged with Disturbing the Peace.

Disorderly conduct, often called disturbing the peace in Louisiana, can mean a variety of things, including fighting, being drunk or noisy in public, and participating in a riot. Disorderly conduct laws criminalize a variety of behaviors, but what they all have in common is that they prohibit conduct that is likely to distress, anger, or disturb other people or public tranquility and order. This is why disorderly conduct is sometimes called “breach of the peace.” While New Orleans might have a reputation as a city that welcomes fun behavior, disturbing the peace is a crime and, like any crime, a conviction can have serious consequences.

A person in Louisiana commits the crime of disturbing the peace by:

  • fighting
  • calling a person names or saying something offensive or annoying
  • appearing intoxicated in public
  • participating in any act in a violent and disorderly manner with three or more people
  • participating in an unlawful assembly
  • interrupting a lawful assembly, or
  • disrupting or obstructing a funeral, funeral procession, burial, or memorial service.

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