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When To Hire An Attorney For A Property Damage Claim?

The problem with property damage claims is that they get denied. No matter what you went through, insurance companies sometimes don’t seem to care at all.

When To Hire An Attorney For A Property Damage Claim?
When To Hire An Attorney For A Property Damage Claim?

In fact, you can find an article on Forbes which discusses this concept. As a case study, we can look at Andrew November's example and see how he underwent the torture of claim adjuster's anecdotes which he states were derived from the adjuster’s 30 years of experience.

"We didn't see eye-to-eye from the get-go," Andrew November says. Now, the conclusion for Andrew November turned out to be pretty good as he ended up getting his damages fully repaired.

However, one thing to consider here is the fact that Andrew is a lawyer himself, and so he requested that the insurance company replace the adjuster. So they did.

The new adjuster was a Clevelander too, and so he fully understood the problem and helped him get his damages repaired.

Now, here are two lessons to learn from the event. First, there are many like Andrew who get stuck in the pile of adjusters’ malpractices and never gets their damages repaired.

Secondly, not every person who suffers through the hands of insurance companies is a lawyer. Andrew is a lawyer himself. So he knew how to get out of the situation. But, not everyone is a lawyer.

Hence, it only emphasizes the need to have a lawyer to get your damages repaired and covered by the insurance company.

Types Of Damages To Property

Landowners are deeply concerned about natural disasters of all sorts, whether it be hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, wildfires, or earthquakes. The fact that they fear natural disasters is not unreasonable by any stretch of the imagination. In 2018 alone, natural disasters caused damage worth $91 billion dollars.

Along with the damages done by natural disasters, the damages done to property by fellow human beings also add to the fear of many landowners across the country.

Now, let's look at some of the sources of property damages. These types of damages are caused by, but not limited to :

  1. Hurricanes.

  2. Floods.

  3. Mold.

  4. Tornadoes.

  5. Wind.

  6. Earthquakes.

  7. Storms.

  8. Hail.

  9. Vandalism.

  10. Thefts.

  11. Auto accidents.

Now, here's something to consider if you are thinking about insurance. The insurance company will not help you out in the manner that you think. The primary problem is that your insurance company will not likely believe you. Now once your claim is filed, the claims adjusters working for the insurance company will not help you out.

That is, because insurance companies, just like any other company, are focused on earning huge profits. And when the time is short and profit needs to be made, one of the ways an insurance company can achieve that is by denying the claims.

When To Hire An Attorney & Fight Your Claim

Often, insurance companies make their profits by denying as many claims as they can. However, whenever your claim gets denied, that's the right time to contact an attorney. Hiring a seasoned lawyer can help you increase your chances of getting the appropriate compensation for your losses..

But how? The skill of articulation is simply priceless. But in this case, necessary. A lawyer will help you properly document your damages. Plus, she will gather all the necessary evidence to support your claims.

Also, she knows and has probably predicted the legal loopholes that insurance company's lawyers use to keep your money in the company’s account and decline your requests.

Now, if the insurance company is still willing to deny your claims, then a seasoned attorney should be in just the right position to counter the company.

What Types Of Claims Can Cause A Dispute?

There’s no need to worry about every claim turning out to be the subject of a dispute. That doesn’t usually happen. In fact, if the claim doesn’t feature a pretty serious matter, then it will most possibly get compensated.

Claims that involve higher stakes, for both you and the company are the ones that are most likely to end up in disputes.

Here are some examples of claims that could potentially end up in disputes.

  • Expensive/Complex claims: Insurance companies realize that your claim requires them to release a hefty amount of money. Hence, they tend to spend more time on it, “thinking twice,” taking all the time in the world, in fact. This is where the dispute takes place.

  • Major claims: Major or “large” as in their nature. They are too severe or extreme. Take vandalism as an example, the whole house is burnt down. Cases like this require more time, investigation, and of course, money. Hence, major claims can many times end up in disputes.

  • “Whose Fault” claims: These are cases where the fault is hard to establish, hence “who’s fault” claims.

If you have any of these cases, then you are most certainly going to need legal help.


Damages to property are one of the most frustrating, depressing, and anxiety-causing experiences that you can undergo. What only adds to the sorrow is when your claims get denied by the insurance company. However, it is important to understand why.

Some insurance companies can sometimes employ an all-about-money attitude. Once that happens, denying claims and keeping your money as a profit becomes easy.

But, you don’t need to get depressed after reading this. Not all claims end up in disputes. There are certain “categories” of claims that are likely to be disputed. Now, if a claim is too big or requires a hefty payment to be released from the insurance company, then there are higher chances for that claim to get denied.

Basically, complex, expensive, or major claims are disputed by insurance companies for a multitude of reasons. However, the bottom line is if your claim is expensive, major, or complex, then you may need a lawyer more than you realize.

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