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Is Aggravated Burglary a Serious Offense?

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Aggravated burglary is a serious offense that carries a felony sentence in Louisiana. It is defined as an unauthorized entry into a residence with the intent to commit a crime, steal, keep a deadly weapon close by, or hurt the occupants. The grave violation of the victims' right to private property may have serious repercussions for them as a result of this crime.

Is Aggravated Burglary A Serious Offense?
Is Aggravated Burglary A Serious Offense?

In Louisiana, aggravated burglary carries a severe term that can range from one to thirty years in prison, depending on how severe the act is. The offender may also be required to pay hefty fines, apologize to the victim, and take part in treatment or rehabilitation programmes. Long-term consequences of an aggravated burglary conviction might include the following:

  • A lifelong criminal record.

  • Difficulty obtaining employment or housing.

  • The loss of rights like the right to vote or carry a firearm.

Aggravated burglary is described by Louisiana Law RS 14:60 as any unauthorized entry into a home, including one where a person is present, with the intent to commit a felony or steal from it, in any of the following circumstances:

  • If the offender is in possession of a deadly weapon.

  • If the intruder uses a dangerous weapon after breaking in.

  • If the offender assaults a victim there or upon entering or leaving the premises.

Burglaries are more likely to occur when there are no witnesses and the possibility of misleading testimony or accusations. When you are being prosecuted for any burglary-related activity, having a skilled and experienced attorney can help you fight the charges and punishments you face due to the crime you are suspected of committing.

The seriousness of aggravated burglary is reflected in Louisiana's criminal justice system. It is classified as a felony offense by Louisiana's common law state criminal code, a more serious charge than a misdemeanor. Felony offenses carry harsher penalties and may have a lasting impact on the perpetrator. A number of offenses, including aggravated burglary, have mandatory minimum sentences determined by the Louisiana legislature. This means that judges have minimal discretion in sentencing and must impose a minimum penalty regardless of any mitigating circumstances that could be present in the case.

The way law enforcement responds is another indication of how severe the offense is. In Louisiana, law enforcement takes aggravated burglary seriously and will invest significant time and resources in tracking down and apprehending offenders. Law enforcement agents will collaborate closely with the victims when gathering data and building a case against the offender. Prosecutors usually pursue convictions for this crime aggressively because of the serious threat it poses to public safety.

Arguably the most dangerous aspect of aggravated burglary is the potential for victim harm. If force, firearms, or threats are used against the residents of the house, they may experience physical pain, mental suffering, or even death. Nonetheless, those who have lost personal belongings may experience severe financial and emotional repercussions. Victims may feel violated and uncomfortable in their own homes, which may cause long-term psychological trauma. One can go to a personal injury lawyer in Louisiana to attain justice.

Another argument in favor of the seriousness of the accusation of aggravated burglary is the possibility for escalation. Those with a history of violence or susceptible to committing other crimes may commit this offense. The use of weapons or threats during a crime may indicate that the criminal is willing to use violence to advance their objectives. This behavior could worsen over time, resulting in more serious crimes like assault or murder. A competent defense attorney in Louisiana might be able to have the charges dropped against them.

The possibility of deterrence also reflects the severity of the offense. The harsh penalties associated with aggravated burglary deter potential criminals from doing it. People may refrain from committing this crime if they are aware that they could face significant prison terms and other consequences. Also, the community is made aware that this kind of behavior won't be tolerated by aggressively prosecuting offenders, which may help reduce the crime's incidence.


To summarize, aggravated burglary is a serious felony in Louisiana. The severity of the offense is evidenced by the fines levied, the response of the police, and the potential for victim injury. The use of force, weapons, or threats during the commission of the crime can cause bodily and psychological harm to the victims. It may be an indication that the offender will likely act more violently in the future. The harsh penalties associated with this crime are an effective technique for reducing its incidence due to the possibility of deterrence.


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