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Can You Really Drink Alcohol in Public in New Orleans? Can You Ride in a Car With an Open Container?

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Can You Really Drink Alcohol in Public in New Orleans

La. R.S. 26:90 makes it illegal to sell or serve alcoholic beverages to anyone under the age of twenty-one years or who is intoxicated.

New Orleans Municipal Code Sec. 54-404 allows anyone to carry an open container of alcohol in the New Orleans French Quarter on the public streets, sidewalks, parks, or public rights-of-way as long as the container is not an opened glass container. Thus, you can carry your alcoholic beverage in the French Quarter in a plastic go-cup or bottle.

The state of Louisiana has an open container law. Open containers of alcohol are illegal in vehicles even in New Orleans. Louisiana does not have a state law prohibiting open containers if you are not in a vehicle.

La. R.S. 32:300(A) makes it unlawful for the operator of a motor vehicle or the passenger in or on a motor vehicle, while the motor vehicle is operated on a public highway or right-of-way, to possess an open alcoholic beverage container, or to consume an alcoholic beverage, in the passenger area of a motor vehicle. La. R.S. 32:300(B)(3)(a) defines an “open alcoholic beverage container” as any bottle, can, or other receptacle that contains any amount of alcoholic beverage that is open or has a broken seal, or

whose contents have been partially removed. An open container does not include any bottle, can, or other receptacle that contains a frozen alcoholic beverage unless the lid is removed, a straw protrudes therefrom, or the contents of the receptacle have been partially removed.

As a result, Louisiana law strictly prohibits a person from leaving a convenience store, a bar, or a restaurant an open container of alcohol. There is only one exception to this. An open container of alcohol can be carried in a locked glove compartment or behind the last upright seat, or any area not normally occupied by the driver or a passenger in a motor vehicle that is not equipped with a trunk.

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