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There is no charge for the initial consultation.

The initial consultation with a DWI or criminal defense attorney, whether in person, by phone, or via email, is free. So there is no risk or fee on your part in learning what your rights and options are. After the initial consultation, if you are not convinced that we will be able to protect you to your complete satisfaction, you can simply decide not to hire us. You will owe us nothing.

Topics that are typically covered during the initial consultation include: the facts of the case, the law, court procedures, probable court outcomes, strategy and expected fees and costs.

Once you hire our firm to represent you, there will be no additional fees unless you request us to provide additional services. Many people want to know how much a DWI or criminal attorney will cost? It depends. The exact fee will vary depending on the specific facts of your case, the criminal charge, the court where the charge was filed, the number of possible court appearances, and the motions to be filed. Please call Gaynell Williams Law today for a consultation.

Some individuals certainly try to defend themselves without legal assistance, but this is usually risky because the penalties involved with a criminal charge can be harsh and the issues involved may be complicated. An experienced DWI and criminal lawyer has spent many years learning the nuances of the law, the courts, and the different approaches used by judges that might be hearing your case. A person accused of a crime wants to ensure that he is knowledgeable of the laws that apply to his or case and that the person representing him or her is able to present a vigorous and aggressive defense.

Can an attorney guarantee a result?

In Louisiana, as in other states, attorneys are forbidden from guaranteeing results in criminal cases as well as in other types of cases such as personal injury or contract cases. These rules are designed to protect clients from unethical attorneys. So do not expect an attorney to guarantee a result. Ethical attorneys will also inform clients that “Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.” This is because although an attorney is allowed to disclose the results of previous cases, she cannot claim that you will achieve the same result as other clients.

Our office hours are Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. However, evening and weekend appointments are available.

This information has been provided for informational purposes only and is not intended and should not be construed to constitute legal advice. Please consult your attorney in connection with any specific situation under federal and/or Louisiana law and the applicable state or local laws that may impose additional obligations on you and/or your family member. © 2016 Gaynell Williams LLC Attorney at Law. New Orleans criminal lawyer Gaynell Williams, L.L.C. has offices in Gretna and Downtown New Orleans by appointment only to serve victims of auto accidents, work related accidents, medical malpractice, and wrongful death.

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